Trout Ninja Rig 2 of 2

In this video you will see where we left off from Trout Ninja Rig 1 of 2

This video shows exactly how to fish the rig on different types of lake and pond bottoms.

Watch carefully so you can get the edge over your fishing buddies.

If you have kids, this will show you how trout almost hook themselves if you fish this the way I show you!

Fishing is Nice. Catching is Better. The Journey is Best.
Teach others to Catch and they WILL have a Best Journey.

I appreciate your comments in advance. Tell me below what you think about the videos
and what you’d like to see in future vids.

Now…..GO CATCH SOME TROUT and report back to me.

68 Responses to “Trout Ninja Rig 2 of 2”

  1. Trout Ninja says:

    Part of my family came from Ireland in the 1800’s. I must fish there someday. Poly balls. I’ll need to test that. I would try using a treble hook and placing a polystyrene ball on one barb. You can buy colored or white balls. In my early days of testing a Trout Ninja Floating bait. I didn’t know how to make it float. It sunk to the bottom. I was fishing a muddy lake, and no bites. Depressed. But not giving up. Then I took a 5 mm piece of a foam beer can holder, put it on one treble hook barb, covered that barb and one other barb with the test bait, and everything changed. I caught a limit. Keep testing!

  2. Trout Ninja says:

    Paul, if it works for you. Rock on. I prefer to use the least amount of hardware between my hook and sliding sinker. Here’s why: When you cast, you want your floating bait to slowly sink and the movement attracts attention. Extra swivels are extra weight. I’m going to test using a tiny ring instead of swivel. I’ll make a vid of that. Might work, might fail. I love testing and giving results so you can go out, catch a lot of stocked trout in as little time as possible.

  3. Michael says:

    What do you guys think is a minimum length to use for a leader? Assuming the ground cover is only about 6 inches. Will see any of the hardware deter the trout away?

  4. Ken says:

    Thanks for demonstating this rig for all the people who have never had the fun of fishing for trout in small ponds or lakes. I am in my 60s, and when I was about 10 years old an elderly gentleman showed me how to make this rig and fish it. Rather than a swivel though, he used an old wooden match stick broken in to a smaller piece to stop the sinker from sliding all the way to the hook, and he tied the hook right to the end of his line. Sure brings back some fond memories. At any rate, I have been using this rig ever since then with great results. I usually use a loop on my leader so I can readily change the length or hook sizes by clipping it to the snap swivel. Keep up the great work.

  5. Paul Ferreira says:

    Trout Ninja,
    I like to pre-tie my leaders to a barrel swivel and then snap them onto a barrel snap-swivel that I have tied to my line. Thus far it has worked for me and saved me time, but I’m a novice and wanted to see what you thought.

  6. Jose says:

    Great video. Gave a great introduction . Thanks for putting it up

  7. Hal says:

    Nice job on the video, and very useful information for me. I haven’t fished for a long time and now am taking my kids out for some lake trout. This is just what I needed to get me thinking the right way again. Thanks!

  8. Art Sheppard says:

    Nice video and everything is well explained especially how to tie the improved cinch not and the theory behind the egg sinker.

  9. I have fished mostly streams and rivers all of my life. Worms and then fly fishing with dry and nymphs.
    Have recently started pond fishing with relatives and friends and have had limited and sporadic success. Mostly limited and successful by putting marshmallows with worms on the same hook.
    I really enjoyed your trout ninja rig 1&2 videos and will put your tips to use on my next outing.
    I am wondering about the specific type of line and leaders to use and will keep searching online to see if you have some hints on those.

  10. Glenn says:

    Thank you

  11. Glenn says:

    Hi realy like your videos.just seen a few comments under this video about using polystyrene balls to make bait float like worms and do I set up a rig like this where would I put the polystyrene ball you reply would be great thanks from Ireland

  12. The Todd says:

    Way to go TN. I pulled the nicest rainbow out of Prossor Lake near truckee ca using your rig. I think I was using a nightcrawler with power bait at top of hook for floatation. And I was trying to remember the rig I used and was fuzzy until I watched your video. Thanks for the memories. I really like the tips on how to use the rig…good stuff. I always want to set the hook, so I can’t wait to try your method of letting the fish set the hook for me. Easy. Thanks and have fun with the fishing and the videos!

  13. Trout Ninja says:

    Thanks. Report back soon. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  14. Trout Ninja says:

    Tom, your idea of the polystyrene balls sounds excellent. Walleye fishers use them in similar fashion to actually attract with color and help float nightcrawlers, leeches, etc. If you haven’t already, test your ideas and report back! Thanks, ~ Trout Ninja ~

  15. Beat says:

    Great videos and nice presentations.
    Thank you. Will try and report back

    Beat in Switzerland

  16. Chris Parker says:

    Thank you for this website! I livre in southern NJ & this is my first year buying a fresh water license. I’ve been waiting for fall trout season! The trout stamp costs extra. I use this same rig for catfish. Great job! I’m heading out to walmart after work tonite for the hooks you suggested; my pond/lake gets stocked tomorrow!!!!

  17. tom stanley says:

    Hi, watched your vids with interest. Why does it have to be a snap swivel? ordinary would do surely. A couple of small balls of polystyrene balls slid on the line at the hook end will keep bait out of weed. The line will push through the balls easily before tying the hook and would be useful if using a non floating bait like worm/s etc. You could camo the white poly balls with permanent marker also, also the sinker wouldnt have to be a barrel, you could use one with an embeded swivel. Another possible simpler but similar setup could be; slide a normal two way swivel onto your reel line,through one eye only, slide on a few poly balls onto the free end of your line,tie on your hook of choice and cut a short, say one foot length of line and tie onto free eye of swivel and tie your weight to the end of that. You may need to put more or larger poly ball/s on to get up above the weed depending on the water your fishing, a bit of trial and error would see you catching then stay with that. Would be easier to put more on than you think you need, you can always pull one of more off the line without having to retie. What do you think? Regards, Tom.

  18. Kyle says:

    Great Information

    This rig works great I’ve use one very close to this one for years and I always catch more fish then my fishin buds who refuse to try it.
    The only difference is instead of useing a snap swivel I simply use a small crimp wieght to stop the sinker from moving up the line, you tie a blood dropper knot around the crimp weight to keep it in place.
    I’ve also learned that by useing a fromed bait like gulp power eggs the bait stays on the hook better and I have to rebait less often.
    I commenlly get the comment of wow you must have the hot spot, I just smile and say I just get lucky sometimes ,but luck has nothing to do with it,well maybe a little
    Great video’s

    Kyle in Colorado