Rainbow Trout Eats Tootsie Roll

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  1. Trout Catcher says:

    I dont know if that is real or fake. Either way it was pretty funny!

  2. Biscuits says:

    Man! Trout Ninja. You rock, you Da man! I enjoy your vids. Keep them coming.

  3. Beat says:

    Candies? Is that true or fake?

  4. Trout Ninja says:

    Jonathan, I’m not sure how you tell if they are high or low in oil. I recall the only ingredient that might be oily is fish meal. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  5. Jonathan says:

    i saw that in one of your previous videos you used the technique of chumming and i would like to know if they are high in oil or low in oil since a high level is dangerous during a winter season where other fish inhabit. i would appreciate the name of the pellet manufacturer. Thank you.

  6. TrollNinja says:

    Holy Bleeeeep! I wanna say this is fake. Could be. But you still ate a Tootsie Roll of a eviscerated trout. Pretty awesome!

    I catch a lot of stalked rainbows and they’re all pretty nasty looking. We never keep any just because they dont look healthy, if we ever catch one and know it will not survive we give it to anyone nearby.

    We went to a different lake the other day and all the rainbows we caught were very pale. I was just wondering if you happen to know why… I thought it might be because from the shore the lake bed seemed consistently light colored.


  7. presley says:

    hello 🙂 ha ha ha funny video. i was woundering if you did try to fish useing a tootsie rool?and did the tootsie rool really come from the fishs tummy? or was that planted?

  8. Trout Ninja says:

    Hi Tom,
    You ask about favorite doughball colors. Funny, sometimes I think it’s as simple as what you like on your pizza. As long as it
    comes from the best pizza maker in town.That would be the “Powerbait Pizza Company” That’s how I see powerbait. However, from a scientific perspective, colors seen at the deepest depths by a trout are in the green and yellow family. I always have a jar of rainbow color in my tackle bag.(mostly yellow and green in berkley rainbow).
    Now I take it a step further by sprinkling the ingredients of my Trout Ninja floating bait formula onto a powerbait ball. My certified catches are 2 to 1 over plain powerbait when I do that. And my own floating bait formulas are closer to pink (but I add space-age reflectors) with yellow and green or chrome or full-on rainbow. I normally fish with my own floating formulas because they outfish (on stocked trout) any powerbait color. BUT I haven’t perfected the shelf life. I left some in the trunk of my car all summer and the consistency changed. Got real soft. And it Still worked for me. If I ever sell it, it will have a “Use by” date. Maybe if I make it less intense (closer to powerbait) the consistency will stay. Not sure what to do. Now Go Catch Some More Trout! ~ Trout Ninja ~

  9. Tom Guy Sr. says:

    Hey Mike, I just got to southern Arizona for the winter and enjoying the “Urban” trout fishing here at a stocked city lake.. I’ve seen rainbows caught on at least 6 different colors/combinations of Power Bait, my last was on “Orange Twist” and guy next to me caught his on “Rainbow”… what’s been your experience (if any) the Mr. Trout’s favorite Doughball color?? thanks, Tom

  10. Trout Ninja says:

    Mike, Thanks for writing! And thanks for the idea of anatomy lesson. I’ll have to research that one before I shoot the vid. And yes, there are many trout fanatics out there. We are not alone! God Bless You ~ Trout Ninja ~

  11. Michael Nunez says:

    Mr Ninja! That was amazing! Can you post an anatomy leason on the internals of a trout? I love every video you post. IM glad im not the only trout fanatic out there!

  12. Trout Ninja says:

    Thanks for writing. I really need some more info about the pond. For example, is it a public pond or private? If public, just go on your state’s department of fish and game stocking site to see if it gets stocked. What part of the world is the pond in? ~ TN ~

  13. hey trout ninja! i love trout fishing and makin my own bait! i also love thinking like a fish ( not in a wierd way ) and helping myself catch more fish. i am mostly a bass fisherman but i still go for trout quite often. any tips on fishing a pond you have fished for catfish and caught boatloads of em with corn and bread and chicken liver ect.?
    im trying to find out if there even is ANY trout in there because then that means year round’ action for my followers on youtube. what should i try here on the west cost to find if there is anybody home?

    ps my youtube account is fishingitup11

  14. easyb says:

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…

  15. Trout Ninja says:

    Joe, thanks for coming over. Trout can “smell” the floating baits. If the water is clear, they can also easily see it and if attracted to it
    will have the chance to get close enough to “smell” it. And in your best interest, eat it. When we formulate Trout Ninja Floating bait, we make it so strong, even in muddy water we catch trout. Now when the water is clear, the trout also see it falling through the water when you cast. Stocked trout are used to their meals falling from the sky, so be very ready for a hit while your bait is falling through the water. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  16. joe restomo says:

    how do trout know that powerbait,gulp, etc all types of floating bait are food, can they smell it ?

  17. Trout Ninja says:

    Thanks Captain Stubie! Come back soon for more!

  18. Captainstubie says:

    you know, I can’t think of anything better then being on a tootsi roll diet, that there was a fish with with a sweet tooth, I must go forth yonder and fish to see what I can find in the bellies of our local trout ;o)

  19. Trout Ninja says:


  20. Kevin Raabe says:

    Oh Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Trout Ninja says:

    Dessert first is one of my mottos. You never know if you’ll get hit by a falling airplane part! Man, I’ve seen twigs, cigarette butts, 4 inch plastic worm rigged with a 3/0 texas weedless style, snails, pebbles, tiny clams, nymphs, caddis cases. Much less picky than my kids can be. Thanks for commenting. Come back soon! ~ Trout Ninja ~

  22. the jessta says:

    Dessert first? That is by far the most amazing thing that I’ve seen come out of a trout belly, I usually just find powerbait,small twigs,nymphs, and cigarette butts.Happy Fishing!

  23. Donnie Mc Hugh says:

    Great video. Give me more.