Thigh-High Rig: Woman’s Stocking Catches Trout

“For My Adult Male and Adult Female Viewers Begging To Spice Things Up a Bit”

Caution. This may save, start, or ruin a marriage. Read and watch at your own risk.

You may want to thank me (or curse me) later because this is a way to mix trout fishing with more pleasure for an all-around win-win.

Because in this video I show a trout-catching-hook-strategy that requires you to use a tiny strip of a thigh-high stocking.

Yep, the kind those fish-stick Super-Models are wearing in the Victoria’s Secret catalog.

And I know this is a little racy for some.

So, men, I advise you not to go online as an excuse to order “just for catching trout”. Too risky.

Because that’ll either convince your loved one you’re another Brad Pitt, OR get you an iron skillet to the head.

Please, do me a Trout Ninja favor and discuss it first with your wonderful other half.

And for my female viewers, since I’m writing from a man’s perspective , go ahead, you need no excuses  to buy a pair of thigh-highs.

All I ask is you use caution when you surprise your husband and show him you bought something for
catching fish.  Especially if it’s late at night, candles are lit, and you’ve had a glass of your favorite beverage.
And especially if you are his super-model. (Like my lovely wife is to me)

Now, before you rush off to order at Victoria’s Secret,
Watch the video and give me your questions about catching fish with the Thigh-High Rig.

For you catch and release folk, this strategy has resulted in about 87% lip-hooks. That means you can catch more
before you have to go home.

Whereas if I’m using bait on a hook, the trout usually are hooked where removing the hook causes too much damage and shock.

Pay special attention where I show you how I put the bait on. Look at the rig.  I combine it with
the Trout Ninja Killer Rig.

~ Trout Ninja ~


Give me your comments and questions below the video. Now thank or curse me.

22 Responses to “Thigh-High Rig: Woman’s Stocking Catches Trout”

  1. […] Within this popular video, TroutNinja uses two strategies to easily catch farm trout. One, he makes use of chumming, that is illegal in Or and that i don’t condone. Second, he makes use of a custom form of a hair rig that is referred to in greater detail within this website: […]

  2. Al Treezy says:

    chumming for trout is like netting off sections of river, thats not pure my friend! catch 13 trout in two hours with one pole and without “special” baits and hucking food at ’em and then you will be a master ninja… love the vids, got some good rigging tips and i can tell you have fun, and thats what its all about… Like i always say, “im not working and im not sitting at home” always a good day…

  3. TrollNinja says:

    Youre a freaking genius!!! Ive been wanting a way to use bait which doesn’t kill the fish every time they swallow it!

    Now I have to figure out a way to use crawlers in this fashion. Im thinking maybe I can try to straighten out a small barbed hook…

    Any ideas Ninja?

  4. Trout Ninja says:

    Zach, if you recently signed up here for tips, you should get an email within a couple weeks of your sign-up with details.
    Please understand, however, to be a Field Tester, you have to apply and get accepted. Not everyone gets accepted. Look for that email!
    ~ Trout Ninja ~
    P.S. Trout Ninja potion and formula recipes are written in my bait-smeared testing journals and kept in a small safe. Someday I might share. Anyway, the ingredients
    are so expensive, it’s pretty much out of reach for most people. Powerbait is still pretty good. And I have some tests I did where I’ll be sharing on how to take powerbait and turn it into a trout-heat-seeking-missile. Stay tuned. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  5. Zach says:

    I read Dave’s comment and was wondering if u could send me that e-mail to see if I qualify. I would love to be of help, love all of your videos by the way, all of them have worked for me at scotts resevoir in Show Low AZ:)!!..

    P.S. was also wondering if you could email the your recipe for the bait u used in this video.. would be very greatful..


  6. Trout Ninja says:

    Oops. Forgot to mention. My base chum (I alter it a little) is trout pellets. What they are fed “at the farm”. You can also chum
    with whole kernel canned sweet corn. DO NOT USE frozen corn because it mostly floats and will drift away. Report back soon ~ TN ~

  7. Trout Ninja says:

    Dave, If you signed up on (here at the site), you’ll get an email explaining how to apply
    to be a Field Tester. Good Luck with your application. And if you don’t qualify, check back for new videos.~ TN ~

  8. Trout Ninja says:

    Hey Steve, At the time I was testing, I put my Trout Ninja formula in an old powerbait jar I found in my tackle bag.
    Come over again soon. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  9. Trout Ninja says:

    Hey Hank, Wow! Great question. I’ll put the thigh-high rig construction on my list of vids to do. Quickly, it is a 1 inch x 1/8 inch of stocking knotted at one end.
    The other end you just poke the hook point through it. Whammo! Done. Real fast. Come back soon ~ Trout Ninja ~

  10. Dave says:

    I was wondering if I could test some of your chum and bait I’m going fishing in 2 weeks and was wondering If you could let me try some out.

  11. Steve thomas says:

    Your secret bait just looks like salmon peach powerbait you even keep it in a powerbait jar.

  12. hank myers says:

    How come you never make a video of making the thigh high rig. How do you attach the stockings to the hook.

  13. Trout Ninja says:

    Nam, You have a good eye! The single hook in the Thigh-High Rig video is a #12 straight shank dry fly hook. I used a snell knot. I also use #10 and #12 red Gamakatsu salmon egg hooks. Gamakatsu hooks are so sharp, you can use them for delicate surgeries! We’ll talk soon ~ Trout Ninja ~

  14. Nam Nguyen says:

    What size is that single hook? Looks like a #10 or #12 Have you ever try with a salmon egg hook (size #10 or #12)? Southern California trout actions is year round.

  15. Trout Ninja says:

    Tom, Thanks so much for the comment. Trout are about done in KY too. Quick note. I try to fish a little slack when I use the Trout Ninja Rig with or without a Thigh-High. If you use too much slack or give the fish too much time to swallow, they’ll still swallow the whole thing! Man, I’m like you. I like to keep catching after getting a limit especially because a lot of times I’ll hit the limit in less than an hour. So, once you see a hit, you just start reeling. Just lift the rod and if you are using a super sharp japanese or norwegian made hook, the hook up is easy because the hook is completely exposed. And a bunch of the hook-ups will be in the jaw where you can see the eye of the hook for a guilt-free release.
    Oh! Try the same rig for catfish. Use a floating bait, short leader. Except stick a piece of foam (like from a cold beverage huggie holder) inside your liver stocking to float it off the bottom. A circle hook or owner mosquito hook works great for the Catfish Thigh-High Rig. I just tested that this week and it rocks! Of course, I used one of my test baits with appetite stimulant. It floats. Let’s talk again soon!

  16. tom.c says:

    i love this vidio the fish swallowing the hook is a huge problem for me i like to continue fishing after i have my limit but it is hard do too the fact that alot of the fish die while being caught but i will have to try this out i use stockings now when i catfish to keep the livers on the hook so i have stockings in the tackle box already only trouble is pretty much all the stocked trout are pretty much gone in p.a now but there are some good lakes around that hold trout all year never tryed fishing for them befor its totally different fishing then your rig which i have been using for years but i will give this stocking thing a try thanx for the tip

  17. Trout Ninja says:

    Eric, The language of catching fish is what’s most important. Thanks for commenting. The Thigh-High rig is a very thin about 1 inch (2 cm) strip of a woman’s thigh-high stocking. You put a knot at one end to help hold the bait and you push the hook point through the very end of the other end. I’ll make another vid to show exactly how to make, the short cuts, and tips. This rig is designed for catch and release fishing. But I also think the fish do not sense the hook so they take it more easily. ~ TN ~

  18. Trout Ninja says:

    Thanks Donnie. I’m glad the Floating Dirty Pink XXX is working out for you. Thanks for your comments and all your help. By the way, when I first experimented with the Thigh-High hook set-up I used Powerbait. I landed 11 trout in 2 hours. My son fished side by side and beat me by landing 13 on the early test bait version. He put the bait right on the hook. Sounds impossible. But we also chummed. Kept the trout eating. I’m almost embarrassed to admit we caught so many fish because I only saw one other person catch a trout. The chum was laced with a Fish Feeding Stimulant. Another cool trick for Field Testers. Coming soon. ~ TN ~

  19. Trout Ninja says:

    Hey 007, the vid wasn’t super clear. It’s about an inch or so of the thigh-high with a knot at the bait end and you stick the point of the hook through the other end and let it dangle from the bottom of the hook bend. I’m going to make another video to show exactly how I make it, short cuts, etc.

  20. Eric says:

    nice, nice, watched all your vedio on youtube

    and now, this thigh high rig just a little bit line under the hook with bait? you didnt explain enough 🙁

    thank you for sharing

    not very good with English, hope you understand.

  21. Donnie says:

    Great video. Love the new rig. Going to try it out this weekend. Were slamming trout here on the new special bait you sent me. It’s working alot better than the first bait you sent me. It’s also staying on with several casts at a time. Keep up the hard work and sending video. Here to help Donnie

  22. Steve 007 says:

    Is that just the thigh high tied to the line?