How to Clean Trout in 37 Seconds with Kindergarten Scissors

This is the fastest way I know to clean a trout.  I was taught this technique by my neighbor when I was 11 years old.
If you prefer removing the head, go ahead and cut it off too.

I prefer to leave the head on because I dig the presentation.   And for picture taking, you can string the fish by the jaw onto
a stick.  Looks rustic ala Jeremiah Johnson.

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Go Catch Some Trout!
~ Trout Ninja ~

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19 Responses to “How to Clean Trout in 37 Seconds with Kindergarten Scissors”

  1. Trout Ninja says:

    The cut by the mouth makes it easy to put your thumb in it and pull everything toward the tail for a quick removal of guts. That was a crappy explanation. A new slo-mo vid might be better.

  2. Jeff says:

    Excellent vid, although I didn’t quite understand the little cut up by the mouth. What exactly is the purpose of it? I also don’t scale trout……as a rule. Sometimes I will; depends on my mood and tastes on any particular day. Love your vids.

  3. Al Treezy says:

    Boom… Haha! NINJA!!!

  4. Mark says:

    BEST Trout cleaning video EVER!!!! That cleaned Trout looks JUST like the ones I pay $3.75 for at the local grocery store. AWESOME!!

  5. Rick says:

    Don’t know what the dark stuff is… Definitely affects taste (much worse)

  6. Trout Ninja says:

    Outstanding question. The dark stuff that lays on the spine is the kidney. I’ll have to test it. In other words, if I cook two trout, one
    with and one without the kidney, does it make a difference in taste? So, right now, I don’t know if it’s necessary. If someone can address this
    I’d appreciate it. However, I do know sometimes infections and diseases affect the trout’s kidneys. Because of that, I’m going to keep removing them.
    Maybe I’m just paranoid. Thanks for the great question. If I find something else about the kidney, I’ll write about it. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  7. Jon says:

    I usually remove the dark stuff that lays on the spine ? is it really necessary ?

  8. Kelles Hall says:

    not to shabby !! I’ll try it.

  9. Bryan Marcel says:

    Like Donnie, I would really like a slow version of this video. I haven’t been fishing since I was a child and have since forgotten how to clean a fish. Love your style, It’s natural and contagious!

  10. Ray says:

    I really enjoy the vids. Especially the one where u eat the Tootsie Roll. LOL. I showed this trout cleaning tip to my daughter yesterday. She was amazed at how fast the process went. Keep making more vids.

  11. Trout Ninja says:

    Bill, Thanks for writing and thanks for taking your Son fishing. A life-long gift. I don’t scale trout because their tiny scales are
    soft. When I pan-fry whole trout, I eat the skin if I make it crispy. Otherwise, if your wife still can’t stand the idea, just peel the skin off after cooking.
    Of course, if you catch very large trout and are able to fillet them (and remove even the tiniest pin bones, then removing the skin before cooking solves everyones’ issues. Let me know how it goes! Now Go Catch Some More Trout! ~ Trout Ninja ~ God Bless You and Your Family

  12. bill says:

    Thanks for the great videos, including this one.
    I am beginning to catch a few trouts lately with my preteen son, who enjoys father/son time immensely. My wife insists on scaling the fish, but you do not. Do they taste that different when scaled? Thanks.


  13. Trout Ninja says:

    Amid, Your kind words are my fuel. God Bless You, ~ Trout Ninja ~

  14. Amid says:

    I love your VIDEOS… I think this and others show you to be a wonderful show host and very enjoyable to watch…
    Your “ANTICS” make the show that more fun like having your daughter do 1 Missippi 2 Missippi
    I loved it

  15. Trout Ninja says:

    Congrats on the Graduation! If you send me the bill for the scissors, I’ll reimburse you! My graduation gift to your child.

  16. tom.c says:

    pretty cool i do mine the same way (dont use kindergarden scissors) and i never timed myself but i do like the vidio my kid just graduated pre- school last night will be going into kindergarden sool i think i will have to pick up a extra set of scissors :):) lol

  17. nate says:

    like your enthusiasm, keep sending these vids

  18. Trout Ninja says:

    Donnie, Thanks for the suggestion on showing a slower version of trout cleaning. I’ll sent a note to you when I get it done. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  19. Donnie Mc Hugh says:

    Great video. I gut my fish a little different but I’m going to try your way next time. But now the 37 seconds was fast and does prove a point but remember we also need to teach the young watching as while. Next time you should do a second trout to show the younger fisherman a slower verison so they understand how easy it really is. Keep up the great work. Keep sending videos. Gotta go fishing.