Grass Carp Surprise

Wow! I was Field Testing the latest batch of Trout Ninja Floating Trout Bait (don’t really have an official name yet).

I couldn’t find any schools of fish on my fishfinder (the kind you can use from shore),and  so I started chumming a point with “juiced-up” corn and sinking trout pellets.

I used a Trout Ninja Killer Rig set up with a “Victoria’s Thigh-High Secret” hook set-up.  (I’ll make a video on that soon-very advanced technique-X rated).

Within 3 minutes of casting and setting up the rod on the bank…I had a little hit…looked just like a trout hit.

And I thought…yeah baby…I chummed in the trout.


Check out the video and give me your comments. Your comments are like my fuel.

~ Trout Ninja ~

9 Responses to “Grass Carp Surprise”

  1. TrollNinja says:


    When I was a kid I had my brand new ultra light spinning rod & reel with 10lb test fishing from shore with a night crawler. Why 10lb test? lol long story even longer…

    Anyway I use to fish with a still bait setup and a lure setup. Id leave my still setup and fish nearby with a good lure, trying to keep an eye on my still rig… I was young and crazy.

    Eventually I came back to my still setup and it was snagged! Damn… Lucky I had 10lb test so I figured Id break it free or lose it. I pulled up and pulled and pulled it moved a bit… You know the feeling when you snag something really really heavy… You can pull it in but it feels like a 500lb boulder on the end.

    Suddenly I see this huge flash just barely break the surface and dive deep. I knew it was big, but holy bleep this was a monster! I fought for a while and landed it. The biggest, nastiest carp Id ever seen! I didnt have a scale but I measured that sucker at 54″!!!

    So… Yeah the biggest fish Ive ever landed was a carp… on a crawler, on a ultra light with 10lb test… But it was awesome.

  2. Trout Ninja says:

    Testing secret trout bait formulas, and potions is done by Trout Ninja Field Testers.
    You must apply. Few are accepted. If you sign up for updates on the website, you’ll get an email talking about this. Thanks for asking. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  3. how do i get to test some special secret bait

  4. Trout Ninja says:

    Tess, Thanks for “stumbling” over to TroutNinjaTV. Let me know how your fishing works out.
    ~ Trout Ninja

  5. Tess Wilson says:

    Wow I am a fishing beginner and I stumbled upon your “trout ninja” videos. After sifting through seemingly dozens of useless videos I found your “trout ninja rig” setup and I am tickled to try it out on a lake tomorrow morning. Thank you!

  6. Trout Ninja says:

    Hey Kev, Kentucky. I’m also blessed because that reservoir is about a 250 yard walk through the woods from my home. ~ TN ~

  7. Trout Ninja says:

    Fieldtester 007, Your words are like sweet music. I can tell, just by listening, you are a Trout Ninja Master. And that’s above a Trout Ninja Black Belt.
    Yes. Someday, perhaps, we’ll fish together. I’d dig that. By the way, I’m conjuring up another batch this week of Trout Ninja floating bait.
    I’m also working on some colors and additional “custom” fish feeding stimulants. I like to call it ” Crack for Trout”. Crazy thing is I’m also catching catfish and you saw that grass carp, on the test bait! It’s all good. Thanks again.~ Trout Ninja ~

  8. Kevin Raabe says:

    Wow Trout Ninja, that was fun!! Is that in Ohio or Kentucky?

  9. Steve Smith tester 007 says:

    i used to fish with that same reel loved it. Man ive caught 3 grass carp on the top secret bait and a buddy caught one and as you know the carp got one of his poles also his pole took off like a rocket man your the man
    dont stop now you will be the next Bill Dance of the trout world and i want to be a Jr. Trout Ninja we could travel the world in persuit of the true slunngers i have freinds that live in aussi could go there and try downunder fishing And ive got freinds in indiana where we catch steelhead an salmon im going there soon to try the bait if i have any left ive caught 20+lb salmon 10+lb steelhead all in streams comming from lake mich.
    on the trail creek in mich. city to the st joe river about 3 mile stretch
    there is fish in the stream that are as big or bigger than a grown mans leg ive tried to stop them they just strip your line off your reel in no time thats 30lb test line, the reels you buy at walmart will have the gears fried in about 2 hours or less but its a blast i also go to battersea canada and fish on dog lake once every year at the end of june
    thats when there bass season starts theres places on the lakes that are over 350 ft deep BIG lake trout if i have any secret bait than i try it on BIG lake trout in canada FISHON NINJA
    your wana be Jr Trout Ninja 007