Coke Bottle Reel Trout Fishing

How to Catch Trout with a Coke Bottle Fishing Reel

Trout Ninja uses a “reel” shaped Mexican Coke bottle for a fishing reel to catch a Rainbow Trout.

I did this to show you the most important piece of equipment you need….goes in the water.

In other words, if you use the right rigs first, you will catch trout.  Now, I enjoy using high-end gear.

But if you use the wrong rig, even with the right bait, and expensive gear, you just shoot yourself in the foot, and then you are just fishing instead of catching.

The trout rig I used in this video is the Trout Ninja Killer Rig.

Enjoy the video. Tell me what you think about this in the comment box below the video.

By the way, it’s a lot of exercise reeling with your hands above your head. Yeah, I need to exercise.

And watch how I set the hook.  It’s not easy without a reel and rod.

Check it out. Click on the arrow.

I can’t wait to hear your comments below.

14 Responses to “Coke Bottle Reel Trout Fishing”

  1. Trout Ninja says:

    This public park is stocked with catchable size trout. Approximately 9 to 13 inches. This park has no size, or slot limit.

  2. stefano flocchini says:

    is that fish Legal???

  3. Amanda Bowers says:

    This is an awesome technique. Looks like a lot of work, but very interesting. 🙂

  4. Trout Ninja says:

    Wow! The wood-frame fishing is “formidable” . You must be the Trout Ninja of Europe! God Bless You, come back soon. ~ Trout Ninja ~

  5. Jon says:

    I love your fishing techniques 😉
    check for wood-frame casting and lake trout fishing on

  6. sean says:

    amazing!i did that and i love it how you can cast it like a real fishing pole

  7. Trout Ninja says:

    Typing is not important. What comes from your heart is. Thank you for your kind words. Now Go Catch Some Trout! ~ Trout Ninja ~

  8. shawnee g says:

    Very bad at typing but learning alot from you please keep up good work

  9. Trout Ninja says:

    Hey Lizzie, Thanks for coming over! If you closely follow my systems, you have no choice but SUCCESS! Now Go Catch Some Trout! ~ TN ~

  10. Lizzie says:

    Hey Ninja!

    Thanks so much! I am finally really learning how to fish – my dad barely taught me enough to get out, but not really how to fish properly, much less the secrets you share.

    Now I no longer have to see the people a forty yards away catching all the fish!

    ~ L in So Cal

  11. Trout Ninja says:

    Donnie, Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve been fishing for 40 years and the learning doesn’t stop. A healthy addiction? It aggravates my lovely wife and kids when I can’t stop talking about the successes and the failures. That’s why you might hear me mention my Brother and my Uncle Frank. They are almost as obsessed as I am. See Ya ~ TN ~

  12. Trout Ninja says:

    Hey Bird Guy, Red-Neck Milk Jug Rigs are good too! It’s all good. ~ TN ~

  13. Donnie says:

    Great video. What will you come up next. Loved the hook set. Everytime I watch you I learn something new and I’ve been fishing for twenty years. Keep
    up the great work and keep
    the tips coming. Donnie

  14. Joe (Bird Guy) says:

    Well, you did it again. This definately eets my old Red-Neck Milk Jug rig.
    I have to tie on a small rope if I use it, unless I’m in a boat. I guess I’ll have to try this one out myself.

    Thanks, Joe